Alana Hughes Kamloops personal injury lawyer
Whether you were a driver or a passenger, if you are injured in a car accident our Kamloops personal injury lawyers a Forward Law LLP may be able to claim compensation from ICBC for your injuries. 

When you are injured in a car accident, it is a mistake to think that ICBC is looking out for your best interests.  Talk to our personal injury lawyer and learn your rights.  ICBC often encourages people not to involve a lawyer.  They may say, involving a lawyer will cost you more.  This is not the case.  Come and talk to us and learn your rights. 

We help people involved in all sorts of accidents, be it: car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, bus and pedestrian accidents.

Do you help both drivers and passengers?

Yes, we help both drivers and passengers. If you were the driver of the car, you will have to show that another driver in the accident is at least partially at fault.
If you were a passenger in the vehicle, your claim will most likely be against the insurance policy of the driver who caused the accident.

When should passengers in a car accident talk to a personal injury lawyer?

Often passengers are scared to talk to a lawyer about their accident.  The most common reason is that a family member might have been the at fault driver.  Don’t let this stop you from getting legal advice! Your family member most likely has valid ICBC insurance, and you will be claiming against their insurance.  It is worth getting a free legal consult. 

How can you help someone injured in a car accident?

After a free initial consult, if you choose to work with us, we will advocate for you so that you get the amount you are entitled to for your losses, including:
pain and suffering,
  • out-of-pocket expenses,
  • wages you have lost,
  • cost of future care, and
  • loss to your future earning capacity.

What does it cost to hire a lawyer?

    It does not cost you anything to come in for a free consultation about your accident.  If you choose to hire us to represent you, we do not charge you fees until the end of your case; even then, if we are not successful, you do not pay any legal fees.

If you have been injured and want a high level of personal attention combined with firm and effective advocacy on your behalf, call Forward Law and speak to Alana Hughes for a free initial appointment. Click here to learn more about personal injury claims.
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