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Buying or Selling a Home

Whether you are buying or selling a house or commercial property, re-mortgaging or developing land, we are here to help you. We take the stress out of the process and communicate regularly with you so that you know what is happening and how your transaction will take place.

Subdivisions and Strata

If you are thinking about subdividing a property or creating a strata we can help with that too. This process is long and has many hurdles but we help you understand and move forward. Not all real estate transactions involve a realtor. We have drafted many contracts of purchase and sale for clients helping them avoid agency fees as well as structuring rent-to-own agreements. To protect your interest in a piece of property, we can also draft different types of security agreements such as mortgages and promissory notes.

Commercial Leases

A commercial lease is a particularly important agreement, both because it will provide you with a place to do business, and also because leases often run for many years and contain language and clauses that aren’t often found in other types of contracts. There are many risks involved and it’s important to negotiate the lease carefully. We can help with that. We can act either for landlords or tenants and have experience dealing with the preparation and negotiating of commercial leases from small retail kiosks to large warehouses and office buildings. If you are a tenant we can offer advice on the risks and benefits of particular clauses or we are happy to help you negotiate the entire lease. If you are a landlord or property manager, we can help you prepare a form of lease that works for you.
Our Kamloops real estate lawyers are Ryan Scorgie, and Denise Kranz.

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