Waivers (Can) Work,

Waivers (Can) Work

November 10th 2017

When should you have a waiver and will it benefit your business?

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Lump Sum ICBC Settlements,

Lump Sum ICBC Settlements

September 7th 2017

The lump sum is made up of a lot of components. If you accept it, you are closing your file and you can't go back later and re-open your claim - this is why you need advice.

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Estate Planning and Common Disasters,

Estate Planning and Common Disasters

August 10th 2017

When planning your estate you need to ask yourself, "What if you all die at the same time"?

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Set up to Fail?  Forced to Quit?  Think Again,

Set up to Fail? Forced to Quit? Think Again

July 19th 2017

Constructive and wrongful dismissal from employment

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Business Structures,

Business Structures

June 10th 2017

Many people think about business ownership but they don't always know how to go about it, what questions to ask, or what the risks are with different business structures.

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I have been fired! What should I do?,

I have been fired! What should I do?

January 6th 2017

Wrongful dismissal, just cause and notice explained

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Undue Influence,

Undue Influence

January 4th 2017

What to do when someone has been forced to make a will.

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Medical Evidence for Your ICBC Claim,

Medical Evidence for Your ICBC Claim

December 1st 2016

No Family Doctor? Don't let it hurt your ICBC claim

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