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When it comes to accidents between a pedestrian and a car, the pedestrian most often gets the short end of the stick. It shouldn’t be surprising that some of Forward Law's most serious accident claims, as far as injuries are concerned, are pedestrian claims against ICBC. If you need a Kamloops lawyer to fight ICBC regarding being a pedestrian who was injured in an accident, call Alana Hughes.

Although pedestrians do have the responsibility to follow traffic laws, drivers have a bigger responsibility to keep a proper lookout for pedestrians. If you are injured as a pedestrian ICBC may say that the accident is your fault: you were wearing dark clothes, you were distracted by your phone, you had been drinking that day, you were jay-walking, you didn’t look both ways before crossing the street and on, and on. This is exactly why, if you are in this unfortunate situation, you should come and see one of our lawyers to learn your rights.

Most often pedestrians are struck because drivers fail to see them. Perhaps the sun was in their eyes, or they were distracted for a second, or they were concentrating on other traffic and forgot to check for pedestrians. The driver usually didn’t mean to hit anyone, but the fact is someone has been hit and is injured. Luckily, this is why we have insurance.

If you are a pedestrian who has been injured, it is a mistake to think that ICBC is looking out for your best interests. ICBC often encourages people not to involve a lawyer. They may say, involving a lawyer will cost you more. This is not accurate! Come and talk to us and learn your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for:

pain and suffering;

  • wages you have lost due to the accident;
  • loss to your future earning capacity;
  • cost of future care; and
  • out of pocket expenses.

      If you are a pedestrian who has been injured, please come see us for a free consultation about your accident.
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