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My focus is on business law, employment law, and First Nations law.

David Hughes*

As a business and corporate lawyer in Kamloops, I can help you incorporate and structure your business to enhance your benefits and lower your risks, as well as helping you to buy and sell businesses. I like to think of it as helping you with the complete lifecycle of your business. I prepare all kinds of contracts, such as shareholders agreements, releases and waivers, and commercial leases. Many people don’t appreciate the immense power of contracts, and how an innovative lawyer can help create value that others might not think of. A contract is not simply a means to an end. You should find a lawyer that understands this and can add real value to your business.

I have worked with clients in the construction industry for many years now and have helped developers acquire, subdivide, develop, and sell property. I have experience preparing and filing easements, subdivisions, disclosure statements and working with people from initial idea to execution.

I am also proud to have been able to work with First Nations from across BC on a variety of business matters, including:

  • Incorporating companies and setting up limited partnerships for First Nations’ businesses;
  • Advising on economic development opportunities;
  • Buying and selling property on First Nations' lands;
  • Obtaining head-leases and sub-leases for commercial developments on First Nations' lands;
  • Working with developers to develop locatee lands (CP lands held by a Band member);
  • Preparing employment agreements;
  • Defending wrongful dismissal claims against First Nations; and
  • Advising on the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate.

As an employment and labour lawyer, I’m experienced in helping employers draft employment agreements, carry out workplace investigations, and successfully deal with end of employment issues, including responding to claims and lawsuits. I also help people in Kamloops and the rest of BC who have been wrongfully dismissed. I have successfully helped a number of people who have suffered from constructive dismissal, often as a result of workplace bullying and harassment. I have a proven track record of helping people get compensation for their losses. I often advise on discrimination issues under the Human Rights Code and have helped numerous clients receive compensation for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect.

In my spare time, I teach Employment Law at Thompson Rivers University: both as an online course in the Faculty of Open Learning, as well as face-to-face as a Sessional Professor in the Faculty of Law. As a teacher, I’m often asked “what is the best employment law advice you can give someone just starting out?” The answer obviously depends on the individual, but the main advice I give to both employers and employees is to get a written contract that is tailored to your needs. Verbal contracts are risky, as is using an employment agreement that is based on a template. One size does not fit all, so get an agreement that works for you – one that is as unique as you are.

In addition to Employment Law, I have also taught courses in Commercial Law, Advanced Advocacy, Dispute Resolution, and Privacy Law at Thompson Rivers University, and I am frequent guest speaker at seminars and conferences in Kamloops and across BC on employment law and privacy topics.

Outside of law and teaching, I’m a sports fan and a member of the TRU Wolfpack Leadership Council. I’m also proud that Forward Law has been a sponsor of the Kamloops Youth Soccer Association since our inception.

I am hard-working, imaginative, and determined to help my clients succeed.

  • Qualifications
  • LLM (Distinction),University of Southampton, 2015
    • School Prize for Best LLM Dissertation
  • Owner Consultant Award, SICA, 2014
  • Called to the Bar of British Columbia, 2006
  • JD, University of Toronto, 2005
    • Gowlings Prize in Trial Advocacy
    • McRuer Scholarship in Administrative Law
  • MA, University of British Columbia, 2001
  • BA (Hons.),University of British Columbia, 1999

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